Rules and Services

Because we follow specific rules and services we are the best and safest range. What makes us the BEST Range?

Safety, Safety, Safety, Safety
  • Range Safety Officer at ALL Shooting areas.
  • Entire range goes “hot” or active for 10-15 minutes and “cold” for 5-10 minutes so everyone can change their targets and no one is near their gun.
  • A shooting berm that meets the NRA guidelines of 18 ft? OUR Berm is over 20 ft!   And over 50 ft thick at the base. (This might answer why we are the ONLY range that lets you shoot FMJ ammo.)
  • All guns should be unloaded until at the firing line. (Just like Texas Department of Public Safety teaches the License to Carry [LTC] instructors!).
200 years of Experience
  • Our Range Safety Officers ( RSO ) have a combined experience of over 200 years with guns.
  • Most knowledgeable staff
  • 80 % of our RSO’s are former military.
FMJ Ammo Allowed!
Use you FULL METAL JACKET (FMJ) Ammo at our place. And our ammo prices are VERY reasonable (as of 08/20/2017). You do not have to buy special ammo to shoot at the range.
Your brass belongs to you! or Toys for Tots.
Your BRASS is Yours to keep or We collect it for non profits like the Marines campaign,Toys for Tots, and other worthy charities. The brass is NOT a revenue stream for us but a way to give back to our community!
BEST PRICE in North Texas
$15 Daily fee for all day use and $10 Annual Membership.
Location – 
Easy access on Hwy 287 near Hwy 360. 5761 W Hwy 287 Midlothian, Tx 76065