Range Rules

Age Requirement

0-8 years old – NOT allowed on any range. Young children may NOT be left unattended in vehicles in the parking lot.

9-11 years old – Must be accompanied by a parent, and must be able to provide certificate of completed Hunters Safety Education course. See Texas Parks and Wildlife website or Academy for class information. Must be able to show proof of child’s age.

12-17 years old –  Must be accompanied by an adult or parent.

18 years old and above – Adult, no supervision necessary. Please use common sense while utilizing the range.


NOTE: 30.06 AND 30.07 ENACTED – NO Concealed* or Open Carry beyond the parking lot!

  1. Keep all firearms unloaded until at the firing line.
  2. Assume all firearms are loaded.
  3. Be aware of muzzle positions at all times. No muzzle flashing. (The muzzle is the “business end” of a gun).
  4. Do not point your muzzle at anything that you are not prepared to kill, destroy or buy.
  5. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  6. Be sure of your target.  Consider its foreground and background.
  7. All weapons loaded or unloaded must be pointed to the ground, or down range at all times. (Do not carry rifles with the barrel pointed up to the sky… in case of accidental discharge, what goes up must come down!)
  8. Shooter must maintain control of their firearm at ALL times.
  9. Eye and ear protection are required at all times.  Music or cell phone earbuds are not permitted.
  10. Shoot only from the designated firing lane at your designated target – do not cross fire to another shooters target.
  12. NO firearms of any kind are allowed down range.  You may NOT carry your concealed weapon on your person when you go to post a target!*
  13. NO handling of firearms while ANY shooter or Range Safety Officer (RSO) is down range.
  14. NO shooting from the hip or drawing from the holster.
  15. NO inappropriate targets may be used, such as photographs, political (foreign or domestic) or religious signs, nor any “target” that is not paper or cardboard.
  16. NO firearm cleaning at the firing bench, feel free to use our classroom in the Range Office if it is available.
  17. NO loose or baggy clothes, NO open toe shoes, flip flops or sandals – all of these can catch hot brass and result in burns.
  18. NO eating or drinking on the firing line.
  19. Accidental or negligent discharge will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM RANGE.
  20. NO unaccompanied children are allowed.
  21. NO drugs or alcohol at any time. ZERO tolerance.
  22. NO loitering.
  23. TxGunRange and it’s employees reserve the right to REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON.

These rules are applicable to all range members, customers and visitors.

* LEO may inquire on policy exception procedures.

Firearm & Ammunition Allowances

  • Pistol calibers from .22 to .45 allowed.
  • Rifle calibers from .22 to .300 WIN MAG allowed.
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) *IS* allowed at TxGunRange. (Yes, we said YES, IS ALLOWED)
  • Steel jacket *IS* allowed ONLY if it is NOT steel core!  We have magnets available to test your ammunition if you are unsure.
  • Shotgun – Bird shot only; NO BUCKSHOT OR SLUGS.
  • Any rifle caliber firearm with a short barrel is ONLY allowed at the 25 yard range.
  • Any pistol caliber gun with a longer barrel is ONLY allowed at the 25 yard range.

Firearm & Ammunition RESTRICTIONS

  • NO ammo that exceeds 3 miles of travel
  • NO armor penetrating/piercing rounds
  • NO military green tip rounds
  • NO tracer (or incinerating) rounds
  • NO rifle caliber larger than .300 WIN MAG or .338
  • NO .454, .500 or 50 caliber
  • NO Shotgun slugs or buckshot

Ammo allowed at TxGunrange

  • FMJ Allowed
  • Pistol – Up to 45 caliber allowed.
  • Rifle – Up to 300 win mag allowed.
  • Black powder Allowed.

Ammo EXCLUDED at TxGunrange