1. Does TxGunRange rent firearms?  Sorry, we do NOT rent firearms.
  2. Are black powder guns allowed?  Absolutely!  As long as they are within the allowed caliber specifications.
  3. What does the Daily Range Fee of $15, plus tax, include?   Access to the range to shoot personal firearms. Believe it or not, we have had folks ask if there is a firearm AND free ammunition included in the fee. NO.
  4. Is the “Customer Always Right” at TxGunRange?  Actually, NO.  SAFETY is always right.  Customer safety is our number one priority.  We strive for every customer to enjoy their time with us, and leave in the same condition as they arrived in.  Please be courteous to the Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) if they point something out, ask you to stop doing something or offer corrective advice – they only want to ensure everyone has a safe experience.  We are also a family friendly business, your attitude and responses make a difference, and set an example.  We are all here to have FUN, but SAFETY comes 1st and 2nd!
  5. What are the most common rule violations?  Great question!
    • Muzzle Flashing – always keep the muzzle (end where bullet is fired out of) pointed down range, or to the ground, and your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
    • Not staying behind the RED line when the range is “cold”.  When “cold”, shooters are allowed downrange to hang or change a target.  During the “cold” time, all firearms need to be unloaded and “locked” in the open position so the safety officer can easily see.  Shooters are not allowed to handle their weapon, and must stay behind the RED line.  When “cold”, if you want to post/change a target, or reload your magazine, leave your firearm empty and locked open on the table and take your target and/or magazine and ammunition behind the red line with you.  You may not re-approach the shooting bench/tables until the range goes “hot” again!
    • RAPID FIRE – We know, it is fun to rapid fire….but think back to the first time you did! It is common for shooters to be startled or even jump a little, and we’ve seen shooters lose control of their weapon (yes, really, we’ve seen it all!).  Most ranges ask for more than 1 second between shots, so we are being generous!
  6. I am visiting the area, and do not plan to return.  I have family, friend, son, daughter, cousin, favorite alien, visiting….  Do they really have to get a membership and pay the Daily Range Fee?   At this time, YES.  Every shooter must agree to the waiver of responsibility and Range Rules.  We are exploring a visitor/guest pass concept and will update when we have more information.
  7. Does TxGunRange sell firearms and do FFL Gun Transfers?  We gladly do FFL Transfers ($25), just have the seller contact us for our information, but remember to take note our days and hours of operation if a firearm is being shipped to us!  Yes, we also carry some of our personal favorite firearms, like some certain pistols, AR’s and shotguns. Just ask us when you are here.
  8. Why can’t I wear loose clothing, low cut tops or flip flops on the range? SAFETY!  Hot brass ejected from a weapon can easily catch in loose clothing, gaps in clothing (i.e., low cut shirts) and land between toes when sandals and flip flops are worn.  We have had it happen to each of us at some point!  Imagine it happening when you’ve got a loaded firearm in your hands…jumping around and trying to prevent a burn results in firearms waving around in a very unsafe manner! Help us, help you!  Buy some socks in the Range Office and let’s avoid that all together!
  9. Do you charge extra if I want to shoot multiple firearms; example of first a pistol, then a rifle later?  NO, when you get access to our range, it is for all ranges, all day. (Remember, clay shooting is a bit different and not included in Daily Range Fees.)
  10. Can I really shoot full metal jacket ammunition?  YES!  Our shooting berm exceeds NRA guidelines and is over 50 feet thick, so FMJ is not a problem.  We have heard we are one of the only ranges in North Texas that allows FMJ, so bring it on!
  11. Can I bring my own targets?  What about ex’s picture?  The cellphone I have replaced and want to destroy? Political signs?  NO, you may NOT bring your own targets!  You get one FREE target with your Daily Range Fee. Additional targets are $1 for paper targets and $2 for splatter targets.
  12. My wedding dress be a target (going through a divorce)?… (yes, we’ve been asked all of these, we can’t make this stuff up!)    As for the wedding dress, we highly recommend instead of shooting it up, you donate it to a cause special to our hearts (yep, got gals working here!).  Please support these kind souls  who make special garments for babies who have passed away.  (http://www.nicuhelpinghands.org/programs/angel-gown-program/)
  13. It’s been raining, how do we know if TxGunRange is open?  If you call and we answer, MOST LIKELY, we are open.  You can check our Facebook account for updates regarding unexpected closures.  Our most common phone call asks if we are open.  Remember, we are closed Monday-Wednesday.
  14. Can I bring my own clay pigeons to shoot ? No. $30 for a box of 90 is reasonable. A max of 2 people per box of clays.