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  • Great range!

    This is such a great range to spend your afternoon at. The owner and staff members we met were awesome. They were happy to give JR M – You can be safe and friendly. That’s what they are here. Owner, check-in lady and range officers were great and I enjoyed my first experience at this range. Only a 20 minute drive from south Arlington so I’ll be getting in some range time in more often.

    Jonathan F
  • Great local range!

    Great local range. The staff are very courteous and professional. I became a member the first day. They have a great relationship with VETERANS. We gather Special pricing on membership & range fees.. I go there as many times I can. I also . Bobby Bunch – Friendly and helpful staff, SAFETY FIRST! Great experience. My wife and I became instant members. Would recommend to anyone, beginner or expert.

    Michael B
  • You can shoot FMJ!

    Lets start with YOU CAN SHOOT FMJ!!! Great range with many lanes and distances. They have rifle ranges from 25,50, and 100. The range officers were friendly and very helpful for my first trip out there. Timing of going cold to change .

    Charlie C
  • Safe environment!

    Tactically practical procedures and operations which provides a safe environment. Zero gun elitist attitudes from any employees which is always a great thing. RSO’S are willing and able to help you improve you’re shooting.

    Ryne B
  • Great experience!

    Went to Mansfield to visit family. We couldn’t pass the opportunity to stop at TX after emailing Colleen. What a great experience!! I want to thank Shawn at the pistol range for all his help. See you soon.

    Martin M

WE ARE OPEN! Thursday -Sunday 9am-5pm

PLEASE  CHECK  Facebook for updates!

LTC Class $75.00 (most 2nd Saturdays)

Steel core and green tip ammo is now allowed

Gun Classes  – $60 per hour per person – by appointment only

 NO PERSONAL TARGETS. $1.00 per paper target / $3-$5 per splatter target

ANYONE that goes on ANY range must pay daily fee and annual membership or purchase a day pass!!

Annual Membership $10 – NO Exceptions!

Daily Fee $15 = tax (1 shooting lane per daily fee)

Hours: Thursday – Sunday 9 am – 5 pm   469-487-4810

Welcome 9 y.o. & up (all minors need ID with them & a parent)


LTC Practice Class $45. ( 1st and 3rd Saturdays – by appmt )

Proficiency qualification after taking Online LTC Class $75.( by appt )

The TxGunrange is a one-of-a-kind outdoor gun range locate​d just south of Dallas Fort-Worth’s Hwy 360 near Hwy 287, between Mansfield and Midlothian. We have an accessible location, whether you are coming from Dallas or Fort Worth. We believe you will find us the safest, friendliest gun range you have ever experienced!

Safety FIRST, Safety LAST

Our goal is for every person that visits the range to have a great safe experience. We have the largest berm in North Texas. Range safety officers are at each shooting location. All firearms must be unloaded unless on the firing line, except employees. The entire range goes “hot” for 15 minutes and “cold” for 5 minutes. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for safety!

Family friendly environment

Our range is a friendly place for all! We are the only range in Texas with a female co-owner and manager. Half of our staff are former military!